What are all those connections on LinkedIn for anyway?

A segment of a social network  

A segment of a social network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]

The number of your LinkedIn connections is a critical factor in your long-term marketing success on this unique social network. If you connect with someone that has 10k 1st level connections on LinkedIn. That person's 10K 1st level connections automatically become your second level connections. their 2nd level, automatically become your 3rd.

The larger your network, the larger your reach of potential prospects.  Or, to put it another way, large networks command a larger sphere of influence.  With large networks it is apparent that you cannot know everyone in your network personally, but the advantage in my opinion outweighs the benefit of a smaller network of known associates.

As your network grows it will be more attractive for others to connect to you in order to widen their sphere of influence. For example, it is clear that a certain point, you will have to make less effort to find connections.  (It has been reported that this usually happens on LinkedIn when 3,000 or more 1st level connections have been made).

3,000 connections may seem like a big number if you rely only on friends and associates.  If you could add 30 connections per day, however, then it would take you only about three months to accomplish.  Not bad, right?

The larger your network, the more invitations will come to you, instead of having to reach out for every one of your connections. It is healthy for the growth of your network to have a mix of incoming and outgoing connection requests.  If you only send out connection requests and never receive any incoming requests, it may look unbalanced to LinkedIn. You might want to check your profile to see if there is anything that would prevent someone from connecting to you, if you notice this happening.  

Every time you post on Pulse inside of LinkedIn, your post automatically goes out to all of your first level connections.  If you have 10k connections, you have the chance for your content to be seen by over 10,000 people!  You will likely get many more views, likes, and comments with a larger network receiving your posts. LinkedIn is much more likely to promote your content on Pulse, with a greater number of views.  

If LinkedIn does promote your post, it could potentially be seen by tens of thousands of people.  It is not an easy task to get a blog post to command that kind of attention on a typical hosted WordPress blog. It takes quite a bit of time and effort.

One caution here. You will inevitably get more spammy type messages in your inbox. How long does it take to click delete?  If anyone becomes annoying and sends you repeated messages, you always have the option to remove them from your network. In my opinion the rewards far outweigh the risks, so I am busy building a large network on LinkedIn.  See the following links to find out more about the best ways to do this.

MarketHive – Social Network for Entrepreneurs

Goldfinch Digital Marketing – one-stop shopping for all your local marketing needs

Goldfinch Digital Publishing – marketing blog

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Alan Zibluk – Markethive Founding Member

How Work Is Changing

The world of work is changing mostly due to the advance of technology, Entrepreneurs such as as Reid Hoffman   are leading the way but did you know that the entrepreneurial ideals and spirit can be applied and used even if  you work in a conventional company.

The days of leaving school and and starting work with a company, working your way up the ladder until you reach the top are long down. Now the whole world lies at your feet and you can pick and choose, where, when,and how you want to work. This can be frightening for some, however  opportunities abound and you need to be flexible, open minded to learn new skill and prepared to take risks to become successful. Hard work and producing results will usually be rewarded.

There are few jobs that can be guaranteed, however there are drawback for employers as the sense of loyalty seems to have become lost and it is not unusual to have higher staff turnovers. Modern working tends to rely on networking and  short term working which is more allied to working as an entrepreneur but with less risk.

A true entrepreneur has to assume all risks with building a business and be naturally adaptive to changing situation, networking  ability is essential and forming alliances with other entrepreneurs together with sharing ideas and obtaining feedback can ensure success of your project.

MarketHive is becoming a favoured meeting place for budding entrepreneurs and I would like you to take a look and give me your feedback.

David Ogden
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Alan Zibluk – Markethive Founding Member